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What does PGD-SEQ mean?

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What does PGD-SEQ mean?


By PGD-SEQ we are offering a complete suite to perform PGT-M studies on your own laboratory. 

We include technical support on all the stages included in a PGT-M protocol: on the specific design for each disease, in the familiar sample’s selection, on the laboratory process, and, finally, include different tools and help on the analysis and embryo selection steps, including web-based tools. 

When you buy a PGD-SEQ kit, you will receive the required material to perform In-House and be self-sufficient for your own PGT-M analysis. Also, with our kit you will be able to:

  • Obtain quick results, enabling fresh transfers

  • Simplify the laboratory routine

  • Access to hundreds of validated diseases

  • Order the custom design of new monogenic diseases with no setup cost

  • Fully support during the complete process, though our specialists in embryology and PGT/Genetics studies.


All our kits are available for IonTorrentTM instruments (ThermoFisher Scientific)


Ion ReproSeq PGS kits empowering PGDSeq workflows - YouTube



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